Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Senior Gym Day!

When we moved to Stevensville, Tommy and I joined the local MOM's Club. This club has been wonderful for us. It has provided us with many activities to keep us busy during the week. We not only meet with other members for playgroups and lunch, but try to be active members in our community. Tommy and I, and a few other children, particpated in a local nursing home's gym time. The children danced to music, rolled the ball back and forth to the residents, and ended with giving everyone hugs. I was nervous as to how Tommy would react to all of this as he can be pretty shy sometimes. He did wonderful. As soon as he saw there were balls involved he warmed right up to all the residents. He gave each and every one of the residents a hug goodbye. It was such a great experience, and something I hope to continue doing with Tommy.

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