Saturday, January 28, 2012

White Sox FanFest

We were very fortunate and received tickets from one of our friends that works at a Chicago radio station to the White Sox FanFest! Tommy was beyond excited. The FanFest was at a hotel in downtown Chicago, close to Millennium Park. So before we headed in the fest, we checked out the park with the boys. They both loved the bean! Once we got to the fest, the boys LOVED the kid game section. It was great because it wasn't too crowded so they could play games as long as they wanted and they won prizes too! Tommy won a White Sox jersey, AJ won a Frank Thomas bobble head, and I won us ticket vouchers for a game this summer by just spinning a wheel! We were so excited! After the fun and games we got in line to get an autograph from Paul Konerko, Tommy's favorite baseball player. He was so excited. This was serious business and we kind of lucked into getting the autograph by just checking out the area. They limit how many autographs the players do in a night, so we weren't sure if it was going to work out. We went down to scope out his room and they just announced that you would need wrist bands for Konerko, so we got in line for those, got them, and then got in line again for the autograph. Konerko signed a picture we blew up of Tommy on Halloween dressed up as Konerko. It was a pretty fast transaction as his line was very long, but Tommy was ecstatic that he met Paul Konerko. When we got in the car after we left the fest, Tommy said "This has been the best day of my life." It made it all worth it! Here are some pictures of our fun day in the city!

Tommy, Chris, and AJ at the bean

The bean

AJ and me

Family photo at the bean

Fast pitch game at the fest

AJ joining in on the action

The one and only Paul Konerko

Tommy's big moment

So proud!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pinterest Snowmen

Are you pinning yet? I am! It took me awhile to get into Pinterest as I fully didn't understand it nor did I want to "pin" things that I knew I could never have. Kind of depressing to just look at pictures of things you can never have. So I decided to really only pin things that I can do or find interesting. I pin a lot of recipes, one that I will be trying out later this week! I also like to pin crafts that I can do with the kids. Remember my post about the hand print Christmas trees? Found that idea on pinterest. I also found these cute banana snowmen on pinterest. Easy and fun for the kids. All you need are some bamboo sticks, small chocolate chips, pieces of apples and carrots, pretzel sticks, and bananas. I got all the material ready and cut before Tommy dove into making his snowman. He enjoyed making it (and eating the extra pieces of chocolate)! It was a fun easy way to make a healthy dessert for them! So if you are not on pinterest yet, check it out! It's fun, but be careful it can become addicting! Here are some pictures of our snowmen:

The prepared ingredients

Tommy creating his snowman. Chocolate chips for
the buttons and eyes, pretzels for the arms, apple for the hat,
carrot piece for the nose, and banana slices for the body!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snow Fun

So we didn't get the 15 inches of snow they were saying...maybe 2 inches? But still enough to have some fun outside. We built a snowman, made snowballs and I even ran them around the yard while they were in the sled...that's quite a workout! They loved it. I know this is bad of me, but I would love just a little bit more snow. We were outside playing and you can still see grass! One big snowstorm on a weekend would be nice...and then it can go away until next year!

AJ was very concerned about the snowman's hat


Snow Angels!