Friday, May 8, 2009

Tommy and Mac

Since the day we brought Tommy home, Mac and Tommy have been best friends. During the day I sometimes catch them hugging and Mac giving Tommy a kiss on his nose. Mac loves to come into Tommy's room in the morning and "wake" him up. He will usually stick his big nose right through the crib. If Tommy is ever laying on the ground Mac usually finds him and attacks him with kisses. This usually gets Tommy laughing so hard, he get the hiccups. Tommy has to end his day by giving Mac a hug and a kiss and saying "wud you, Mac." Lately, Tommy has enjoyed playing tug of war with Mac. Mac is a very strong dog, but also enjoys playing this with Tommy and knows to be a bit gentler with him. Here's a quick video of them playing together.

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  1. Found your blog through Melissa's...we have a dog too, and I swear, they are the BEST entertainment! (Love your blog design!)