Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tommy and the Princesses!

This will the last Disney post! We had a blast on vacation and created great family memories. One of the highlights for Tommy was meeting the princesses. He wasn't too familiar with any of them, but the first night we were there, we caught the SpectroMagic parade. Cinderella is in this parade, Tommy immediately fell in love and requested to meet her. We found out that there is a whole building dedicated to meeting the princesses and fairies. As you can see from previous posts, Tommy was not shy at all with the characters, however, when it came to the pretty princesses, he became Prince Bashful, as Cinderella called him! Chris, however, noticed that Tommy was the only boy waiting in line to meet the princesses and was not happy about it. I had to promise him we would seek out Captain Hook to balance this out! Here are some pictures.

Tommy and Tinkerbell

Tommy and Belle

Tommy and Cinderella

Tommy and Ariel

Tommy and his kisses! He wouldn't let me wipe them off. Needless to say, all the princesses want to keep him too!

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