Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Life with Three Boys

We are starting to settle into somewhat of a routine in the Cullen household. AJ continues to be an easy baby. He loves to eat, and is still sleeping pretty well. Though AJ is only three weeks old, I've had a glimpse as to what my life will be like being the only girl in the house. The other day, Tommy woke up while I was still feeding AJ in bed. Chris went to go get him and he wanted to come in Mommy's bed too, so all four of us were sitting in our bed. Chris decided it was a good idea to pass gas while all of us were in the bedroom, Tommy found this hilarious. A few short minutes later, Tommy decided to join in and also passed gas. A few seconds later, AJ also passed gas. Chris said he felt very proud at that moment. I left the room.

The other day after feeding AJ, I was burping him and he let out a huge belch, followed by a fart, and then a grunt. After all this he passed out for a few hours. I can only imagine what lies ahead for me!

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