Friday, February 19, 2010

Toy Story Mania

Toy Story has exploded in our house! Tommy has become completely obsessed with Toy Story. It all started this summer on our trip to Disney World. He had never seen the movie before, in fact, I don't even think he knew about Toy Story at that time. He was more into Peter Pan and pirates. However, he fell in love with the Toy Story ride in Magic Kingdom, so we decided to take him to meet Buzz and Woody at Hollywood Studios. It was like love at first sight. He made the big plastic Buzz get down on his knees to sign his autograph book and give him a hug. This was no easy job for Buzz considering the whole costume is completely plastic, not a lot of give in the outfit. Anyways, we all know then for Halloween he had to be Buzz. Since then, it's just snowballed into this huge obsession. For instance, everyone in our family is a Toy Story character. Tommy is Buzz, Chris is Zurg (Buzz's archenemy), I'm Jesse the cowgirl, and AJ is Woody. He has to wear the Buzz costume with jet pack all the time. We don't just walk to the bathroom anymore, we fly like Buzz while shouting "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!" I must admit this is all rather cute. It's a neat thing for him to get into. He finally saw both movies one weekend, and just couldn't stop watching them, he loved it. For awhile, he was Toy Story's biggest fan without even seeing the movie! Anyways, here are pictures of all the Toy Story gear we have collected. Much of it from his friends for his birthday. We play with EVERYTHING on a daily basis!

Tommy as Buzz

The jetpack. And yes, it talks. And yes Tommy hasn't quite figured out
how to fit through doors with it on yet.

Tommy playing the Wii Toy Story game. He insists
on always wearing the glasses.

Toy Story sleeping bag which sometimes has to use instead
of his truck blanket.

The toys. Don't get any ideas about Buzz and Woody on the right.
They are attached to a rocket, just like in the movie. I didn't noticed
how bad that picture looked until it was already on the blog!

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