Monday, July 5, 2010

A Beach Day Without FIPS

This Fourth of July weekend we have been having the most wonderful weather. On Saturday, we packed up lunches and headed to our most favorite beach thus far in Michigan, Weko Beach. We love this beach, it's just perfect. As we pull into Weko Beach, we are all excited and I roll down the window to talk to the guard...they are FULL. We are livid at this point. We paid for a summer pass and now we cannot use our favorite beach due to what we like to call FIPS. This is a term coined by Michigan people about Illinois tourists. It's a negative saying...figure it out. So now Tommy is upset in the back thinking we are not going to a beach. We turn away and Chris and I are frantically trying to figure out what to do next. We think of different beaches, both not agreeing and both getting upset. So we then decide to just try every beach going back north and if it's crowded, we will try the next. So the first beach we try is actually one we went to when we first moved to Michigan. It's very hidden and there is just a small dune to climb to get to it. We pull in and there are parking spots!! The added plus is that there are NO Illinois license plates. We grab all our stuff and climb over the dune to find just a handful of people on this beach. We had a great time! We all swam, played baseball, built sandcastles, and just enjoyed being on the beach. We didn't have people on top of us and could spread out. We plan on using this beach again on busy weekends when FIPS like to invade our territory.

A beach with FIPS

A beach without FIPS

Jumping into a big hole

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