Thursday, August 12, 2010

And we're Pittsburgh?

Back to blogging! Vacation was wonderful, everyone had a blast! We all miss Disney and cannot wait to go back next year. We took a lot of pictures, so we hope you all enjoy the upcoming blog entries.

We left early last Tuesday morning in the middle of a thunderstorm that continued all the way to Midway Airport. It was a lot of fun dragging 2 suitcases, 2 carry on bags, 2 kids, and a double stroller in this never ending storm to the entrance of the airport. Nevertheless, we made it through security and happily to our gate, all before 7 in the morning!

As soon as we arrived at our gate, Christopher Cullen was paged by the attendant at the gate. Apparently, an infant cannot sit in front of an exit row, which is where we reserved our seats the night before. So the four us were separated, great. I sat next to Tommy and Chris sat on the opposite side one row in front with AJ where we played pass the baby back and forth, great fun.

Soon we were flying over West Virginia, we would be there in no time, right? All the flying anxiety was starting to leave when the captain came on and said we have to land in Pittsburgh for safety reasons and they will answer questions when we land. What? What is going on? Everyone was very calm, but I was a nervous wreck repeating my Hail Marys over and over. We land in Pittsburgh where we are greeted by 5 or 6 firetrucks, and fireman in full gear. Wow. Luckily we were all safe. The plane could not be fixed so they had to fly in a new one from Michigan. To make a long story short, we finally did arrive in Orlando by dinner, and the kids did wonderful on both flights, plus we received 3 round trip plane tickets for free for any inconveniences caused! Here are some pictures from the Pittsburgh airport and the second plane ride. More to come!

Luckily, the airport had a mini playground for the kids
so they could run off (or crawl off) some steam.

AJ reading the Hertz car rental add

Tommy watching (you guessed it) Toy Story!

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