Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bids for KIDS Silent Auction and Dinner

I am proud to announce that our first silent auction that the MOMS Club put on raised about $7500 towards our 3 charities! I am amazed by the generosity of our guests. It was a wonderful evening.

Back in September sitting at our MOMS Club board meeting, when the idea of a silent auction came up, we all kind of paused and thought for a moment. Wow, a lot of work, but what a neat idea. And we went with it. Being the vice president of the club, I was in charge of organizing this service project. From January on it's been very busy for me. I sometimes struggled with managing my time between being a stay at home mom plus taking on this basically full time job. It got hectic at times, but I knew it would be worth it in the end. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have taken on. I got to see all sides of this project. The excitement from the families, the generosity of the business owners, the hard work and help from fellow MOMS Club members. Without all of these people, the night could not have been as successful as it was.

I was so nervous the week of the auction, and of course I had a sick child too. It felt like anything that could go wrong, went wrong that week. So I couldn't help but be nervous for the event. But everything fell into place. We received many compliments from guests that it was one of the best runned auction they had attended. It was a busy evening for me, but I so enjoyed it. My favorite part of the evening was when the final section closed, we had to count it down from a minute. People were just bidding away, you could feel the excitement in the air!

One late night while working on this project, we thought it would be wonderful to be able to provide these charities $1000 each. I never thought we would be able to give each charity $2500! I do hope Bids for KIDS becomes a yearly project for our club. I can only imagine what it could be like in years to come. Thanks to all that supported us along the way. Please check out our website too for more updates, www.bidsforkids.yolasite.com.

Checking our guests in!

Let the bidding begin!

The 3 families welcoming everyone

Our wonderful guests

The DeJongs with their son, Jackson

Logan announcing the first door prize!

Yet another door prize announced!

The winners of a section announced!

Our good friend, Anton, was able to attend!

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