Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tommy's Spring Program

This past weekend was Tommy's much awaited Spring Program at School.  The theme was "A Mother Goose Party."  Each child in his class had a special role in the program.  Tommy was Jack from "Jack and Jill."  His friend, Helaina, was Jill.  I must say they made the cutest Jack and Jill couple I have ever seen!  Tommy was a bit nervous because he had to dance with Helaina like Mommies and Daddies do, as he told me!  But they did an awesome job, and were just so cute. 

Preschool is coming to a close for us, and I can't believe it.  This program was one of the "lasts" things for him at St. Paul's.  We have truly loved our experience there and can't for AJ to start his adventure in a few years...hope they are ready for him!

 Jack and Jill!

 Jack fell down!

 Too cute!

 Preschool Buddies!

Tommy and Mrs. Treder

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