Sunday, February 8, 2009

Erupting Dinosaur Volcano Cake - Part 2

Step 7.

Adding the dinosaurs. This part was also fun

Step 8.

Things didn’t work out to well for this poor Triceratops. I guess they call this Darwinism.

Step 9.

The finished product. We were pretty proud of the way this turned out. Now we wait for the unveiling. All that’s left is to find some dry ice for the special effects. It’s not as easy to find as you may think. Plus you can’t keep it for more than a day unless you have a freezer that gets to 109 below zero.

Here is a video of Tommy and his volcano cake at his birthday party. The kids were quite impressed. The look of pure, unbridled, two year old joy in Tommy’s face at the 32 second mark of this video make the hours of running down dry ice and candy dye, and the three hours of labor, all worth it. Tommy had a great day.

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