Sunday, February 8, 2009

Erupting Dinosaur Volcano Cake – Part 1

When we decided on a dinosaur birthday theme for Tommy’s second birthday, we thought the perfect cake would be a volcano, complete with pyrotechnics, perhaps chronicling the extinction of the dinosaurs. After a lot of internet research (apparently thousands of people have already had this idea) we put together a cake plan. I took a day off from work to complete this masterpiece. Like many before, it seemed only appropriate to document and publish the creation of the volcano cake.

Step 1.
Baking eight 2 x 9” cake rounds and a rectangular 11 x 13” for a base. Cooking with dad is a little different than cooking with mom

Step 2.
We cut each round a bit small in diameter than the one before. And shoved a paper towel roll through the center for stability (civil engineering)

Step 3.
Frosted and adding green coconut "grass"

Step 4.
We debated on lava. Some kind of pudding…strawberry syrup…we finally decided on white chocolate died red and orange with candy dye (different than food coloring and works with chocolate.

Step 5.
Pouring the lava. This part was fun

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