Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cloudy Day Fun at the Curious Kids Museum!

So the weather in southwest Michigan has not been cooperating with us on the weekends. We have been so looking forward to beach days, and it just hasn't happened yet. Last Saturday, was yet another cloudy, cold day. So we decided to get out of the house and go to the Curious Kids Museum. We had a blast! This was the first time AJ was actually able to play with things at the museum, which was neat to see. While we were there, they were showcasing amphibians and different reptiles down in the basement. I was just so excited to see all of these wonderful animals! Tommy enjoyed it, though was scared to touch any of them...hey, I don't blame him! AJ and I hung out in the back just in case any animals escaped we could make a quick get away upstairs! We all had a great day at the museum!

AJ playing in the farm room! (He is sitting up by himself now!!)

Rocking on the horse.

The Cullen newscast team...hey, it better than anything
else you'll get on WNDU!!

AJ the cashier

Having fun with the register!

Avoiding the animals!

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