Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Soccer Game

Tommy had his first soccer game! Chris and I were both a little nervous for this and didn't know what to expect. Tommy had had a few practices but with the bad weather some of the practices were canceled. He went into his first game not really knowing how to play! But, it was so much fun and Tommy loved it! His coach was great and really helped them learn the game as they went along. I have to say Tommy was much better at offense than defense. In fact when Tommy was playing defense, his coach had to tell him to stop doing bird calls to the seagulls flying above! All and all it was a great time and Tommy's team (the Dragons) beat the Sharks 2 to 1! AJ even got into it cheering for his brother yelling "go, go go!" We can't wait for more games, now if the weather would just get better!

The face off!

Coach explaining the game at halftime

sizing up the other team

kicking the ball
game face!

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