Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

So I have to admit, this past week I have been completely obsessed with the royal wedding! I've been watching TLC at night non-stop. Chris finally put an end to it one night when I was watching a show where they were interviewing the Queen's old bridesmaids, I think he had had enough already! I'm just finding it so interesting. I do have the DVR all set up and ready to go and I am contemplating if I want to get up early and watch it, we'll see. Anyways, in celebration of the royal wedding, here are a few pictures of our wedding that took place almost 8 years ago! Hard to believe! These pictures were taken by our friend Damon Corso who also came out this past summer to take family pictures. We hope to continue this tradition with him for years to come! Hope you all enjoy the royal wedding!

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