Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soccer Fun

Tommy's soccer season is in full swing. We are all enjoying watching the games. His team is great, and so fun to watch! They are kind of like the bad news bears in that they hate to practice and usually just goof off during practice. But game days they are just ridiculous! They always focused on game days. Chris has really gotten into the games, and even has nicknames for all the teammates! I think Chris will be very sad when the Maroon Dragons are done for the season. Here are some pictures from the games. One game we played his good friend, Brady, so I was able to get a few shots of them together!

Chris refers to these two as "team lightening." They are
pretty quick on the field.

Nothing like a little nose picking during the game!

The Dragon roar...something the team LOVES to do before the game starts.

Action shot of Brady, Tommy, and Mr. Jordan (Brady's Dad).

Excited after scoring a goal!

Brady and Tommy

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