Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cowgirl Jessie

AJ has been obsessed with Toy Story for a few months now. He usually speaks gibberish and then ends his sentence with Toy Story. I guess we have grown accustomed to it because we think nothing of it. But when we are around others they just laugh at him because his whole life is centered around Toy Story.

After being in Disney, he became obsessed with Jessie. He even says Cowgirl Jessie. He won't say his brother's name, but he says Cowgirl Jessie. The Toy Story characters are in a parade at Magic Kingdom where they come down on the street and dance with the kids. We had seen the end of this parade one day and AJ could not stop clapping and waving at them from the stroller. So I made a point to see where the Toy Story float parked so we could get a chance to dance with Jessie and Woody. The next time we were at Magic Kingdom I parked ourselves well before the parade right by where their float would end up. Sure enough Jessie and Woody came down and danced with the kids. I took Tommy and AJ out on the street. As soon as AJ saw Jessie he no longer wanted me to hold him. He worked his way over to Jessie and held her hand the remainder of the parade and danced with her. I was afraid he wasn't going to let go of her! It was very sweet. After the parade Chris bought AJ a talking Jessie doll. The man checking him out asked him if this was for his princess. He said no, it's for my son...he has a huge crush on Jessie!

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