Friday, June 17, 2011

Jedi Training Camp

Sorry, my posts have been inconsistent lately. I have had a bad case of allergies this week so during my usual naptime blogging I have been keeping a cold compress on my eyes! Anyways, onto more fun things like Jedi Training Camp!

So we did a little research before leaving for Disney to try and eliminate any wait times we may have. I must say we did a pretty good job of figuring out when to get fast passes etc. However, Tommy had his heart set on doing Jedi Training Camp. This is hard to get into as they take 12 kids to perform in 5 or 6 shows throughout the day. So we thought we would try on Star Wars weekend, but quickly concluded that it would just be too crazy with a lot of the Star Wars geeks. So on Thursday morning we arrived at the park one hour before it opened. The gates were not open yet so you have to line up behind the turn styles. We read to stay to the left because as more and more people show up, they open up more lines, and they did which put us right in the front! Chris took Tommy and I took AJ. Chris and Tommy were right in front to get signed up for Jedi Training Camp and AJ and ran or rather walked quickly to get fast passes for Toy Story Mania. Tommy got signed up for Jedi Training no problem! It was so much fun to watch. He looked so tiny up on the stage. Their teacher showed them moves to beat Darth Vador, and then they each had a chance to fight him. Tommy did awesome! I was afraid he might get too scared and even start crying on stage, but he didn't! Though later in the week he said he didn't want to see Darth anymore! We were very proud of him for doing it though!

Tommy's Jedi Teacher

Darth Enters!

They defeated Darth!

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