Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Last weekend we made Christmas cookies! We ventured out of the norm and made cookies we had never made before. Chris decided to make chocolate chip cookies with candied bacon. I made sea salted caramel chocolate cookies. I must say they both turned out delicious! We tried to get the whole family to help, but AJ had other plans...maybe next year! Tommy of course loved helping and sampling the cookies too. Both cookies were sweet and salty so if you like that combination I highly recommend these cookies. You can find the recipes at, (the salted caramel cookies) and (chocolate chip bacon cookies).

Sampling the chocolate chips

Adding the butter

Helping Daddy add more ingredients

Sampling the chocolate chips...again

AJ joined us with a fake cookie he
found downstairs.

Chocolate chip bacon cookies

Sea salt chocolate caramel cookies

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