Thursday, December 29, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas this year. And it appears that both boys made the nice list this year!

On Christmas Eve morning, our elf, Malcolm, had to head back to the North Pole to help Santa fill the sleigh. But before he left, he wrote a note to each boy and filled everyone's stocking, including the dogs' stockings too. Then we headed to Mo and Papa's for the day. There we had a special visit from Santa! The kids were so excited. He gave each grandkid a reindeer to thank them for feeding his reindeer throughout the year.

Christmas morning we opened gifts. It was surprising this year because Tommy rushed through his presents. AJ, however, took his time. He would carefully take off the bow first, then rip the paper little by little. Then AJ would want to play with the new toy for a bit before he moved onto the next present. We had to stall Tommy for awhile so AJ could catch up! Tommy received an VTech Innotab from Santa this year. What a neat toy! Santa had searched and searched for the popular LeapPad, but had no luck. So we decided upon the Innotab which was a great investment for us. Tommy loves playing it. AJ received many Disney guys which he completely loves. He also received a Handy Manny work bench. AJ loves to "fix" things...I just don't know if I would hire him out quite yet! Tommy also got his much wanted real Lightening McQueen remote control car. He LOVES it, and so does AJ. AJ really gets a kick out of just watching Lightening race around the room and talk. It is a pretty neat toy.

All and all a wonderful Christmas. It seemed to come and go so quickly this year, but we made such wonderful memories with the boys. These memories I will cherish always.

The stockings filled and notes left by Malcolm

AJ waking Tommy up Christmas Eve

The dogs checking out the goods

Santa! AJ waited so patiently for his gift!

All the grandkids

Decorating cookies for Santa

Tessa's creations...too bad you can't see all the sugar she put on!

After Christmas Eve mass, they all behaved wonderfully!

My attempt at being a photographer. Yes, it's supposed to be
fuzzy! I read all about how to take these pictures and how
artistic they are. Chris thought I made a mistake posting this photo...

Santa came!

Santa left a few things behind while eating cookies!

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