Friday, January 16, 2009

Tommy's Associations

Over the past few months Tommy has been associating certain things with certain people. When he first started doing this it was only with Mommy and Daddy. For instance, Mommy is a vacuum cleaner and a can of diet soda. Daddy is a toilet and a beer can.

Because of the holidays, Tommy has now made associations with many other family members. For instance, I was at the grocery store after Christmas and in front of us in line was a woman with short dark hair, glasses and a long dark coat. Well, Tommy started calling her "Nonna!" He assumed that she looked like my mother in law, therefore, felt the need to shout her name about ten thousand times! Luckily, the woman was very nice about it.

While we were in Connecticut for Christmas, Tommy, Chris, and I would always go and wake up Uncle Buck. We would do this by using a James Brown doll that sang, I Feel Good! So, now every time Tommy sees a picture of James Brown, or hears the song he yells for "MUCK!!" Many times when we are out to lunch or running errands, Tommy will see a tall, dark haired man, of course this is Uncle Muck too.

My mother might have some of the best associations. One day, after nap Tommy woke up and when he entered the family room started shouting for MO!!! Mo is my mother's grandma name. I didn't know what he was talking about until I saw Ellen Degeneres on the TV. He assumed since they have the same hair color, than it's the same person! Other people that Tommy calls Mo include Paula Deen, Faith Hill, Mrs. Claus, and my personal favorite, Guy Fieri. I love the way his little mind works.

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