Monday, January 5, 2009

Tommy's Tea Party

For Christmas, Tommy received my old kitchen set. He has been busy making and putting away food for weeks. Since he has enjoyed playing with this kitchen set so much, we thought it would be nice to get him a little table with chairs. We now must eat each meal at this table. Lunch today was a special treat! As I was getting his sandwich ready, Tommy waited patiently at his table. He kept coming into the kitchen though, to check on how lunch was progressing. Well, he must have gotten bored waiting for me, and decided to invite a few friends to lunch. When I came back into the room, Tommy had set his stuffed Santa at one chair and placed one of his dinosaurs, Bob, at the table too. Santa was drinking milk and Bob was drinking tea right from the teapot. Twenty some years ago I never imagined seeing my son having a tea party with Santa and a killer Velociraptor with my kitchen set. It warmed my heart to see such a sight.

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