Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buzz and Buzz Jr.

Toy Story still plays a huge roll in our lives. It's not only important to Tommy, but AJ as well. It's funny how AJ now recognizes the characters and always gives a little giggle when he sees one. I have to admit, sometimes before dinner I put on Toy Story 3 so I can get a good 15 minutes to get dinner underway without AJ attached to my leg. He absolutely loves the beginning of the movie!

Tommy lately has just been consumed with Buzz, everything relates back to Buzz. Chris and I have even taken so far as to say Buzz wants you to eat your breakfast so you can be a strong space ranger! Tommy told me the other day that he introduced himself to a little boy saying "Hi, I'm Tommy, and when I grow up I'm going to be a space ranger."

AJ, however, loves Woody. He is his favorite. AJ has been throwing Tommy's light up Toy Story shoes at me to put them on him. I think a pair of those shoes is in his future soon!

The other night, they both put on Buzz Lightyear costumes. Chris and I got a real kick out of watching them both run around as Buzz. Here are a few pictures.

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