Sunday, September 27, 2009

A.J.'s Nursery

The big project this summer was to get the two kid's bedrooms ready. A.J.'s room was first.

We used Tommy's baseball themed bedding for inspiration. The room is designed to look like a baseball field. The green bottom is actually stripes alternating between flat and high gloss (its more obvious in person). The intent was to look like a freshly mowed outfield. The brown border is a warning track and the blue is sky. Kara vetoed the Green Monster and Citgo sign.

Tommy was really excited to help out. We managed to do this with minimal mess or permanent damage to the carpet or walls.

This room turned out really well and is hopefully more conducive to sleep than Tommy's new room (see below).

We can't wait for A.J. to see it.

Oops. The 2 year old crossed the blue tape threshold

This baseball chair and ottoman we found is the perfect addition to the room

Bedding and wall decorations match pretty well

We painted this right above A.J.'s crib

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  1. Both of the boys rooms turned out SO cute!!! You guys did a great job!
    PS I love the baseball chair!