Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A New Kite for Tommy!

We had a very traumatic experience last Thursday. Chris was finally able to get Tommy's kite off the roof, only to find out that it had been ruined. Chris thought he was being sly by sticking it the garbage can while Tommy wasn't looking as not to cause a scene. This worked out great...until the garbage truck came. As many people know, garbage day is Tommy's favorite day and he loves to watch the garbage men pick up our trash. So Tommy is watching from the window and then all of a sudden turns to me, "Mommy, they took my kite!" He tried so hard to hold back the tears. He couldn't understand why the garbage men would take his kite from him. My heart sank. I called Chris and told him he better come home with a kite. Sure enough, Daddy pulled through and found Tommy a pirate kite, which he loves. Here is a video of Tommy flying his new kite.

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