Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tommy's Big Boy Room

After we finished A.J.'s room, I promised Tommy he could help design and paint his new room that would be the home of his big boy bed.

We go a little overboard with the kids rooms. Kara was skeptical of the red when she first saw it on the walls. If we left the door open you could see a red glow in the hallway.

This room includes all Tommy's favorites...tractors, cement mixers, fire trucks and trains. We designed it to match the bedding that will be going in this week.

This project involved hand sketched blueprints, several roles of tape, four gallons of paint and several hundred swears.

In the end we think the room looks great. We just hope he sleeps in it.

Tommy insisted on painting without a shirt. I chose to wear one.

Pausing to show off his muscles

These are the train tracks right above where his bed will go

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