Friday, September 25, 2009

Boys will be Boys!

We have an empty lot next door to our house. After it rains, the back of the lot becomes a huge mud puddle, which we have avoided, until Tommy's good friend, Brady, came over one day! Tommy and Brady have always liked playing in the lot because they can fill trucks up with sand and dirt, but now the mud, or the water mud, as they like to call it, added a whole new element to all this fun. They were having such a good time, we just couldn't stop them. Needless to say, these pictures just don't do the mess any justice. Brady, Casey, and Tommy rolled in the mud, spread it all over their bellies, Tommy even dipped his whole head in the mud and came up laughing! It gave the moms a good laugh too, even though immediate baths were required! Oh well, boys will be boys!

As you can see, the mud was knee deep!

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