Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tommy's Birthday Cake

Tommy requested a Toy Story birthday cake and wanted all the guys on it. So we set out to plan this cake. To fit everyone on the cake, we thought it best to make a three tier cake, this was fitting since there are three Toy Story movies. Each layer would represent one of the movies, more or less.

This cake took me about 16 hours to make over the course of three days. I had limited time due to the boys. So I made the marshmallow fondant during nap times. I personally think marshmallow fondant is much tastier than regular fondant. You can also store marshmallow fondant in the fridge for several weeks, so this worked well for me as I couldn't do this whole cake all at once. Once the fondant was finished I spent one afternoon baking all the different cakes. Then it was the assembly of the cake which took about 4 hours and some help from Chris. There was powdered sugar everywhere! I think we ended up scrubbing the floor at least 4 times to get the stickiness off! Well, I think it was worth it because the cake turned out awesome. Here are a few pictures.

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