Saturday, February 5, 2011


The evenings in the winter can drive someone least when you have two very energetic boys! We have been trying to find fun ways to pass the time after dinner to bedtime, because sometimes it seems like that time can go on forever when you are cooped up in the house! We have done puzzles, colored, practiced writing, and cutting. Some of these things are hard for AJ to do at his age, so that's another challenge to keep them both involved in activities. The other night I pulled out whack-a-mole for the boys. AJ has always enjoyed watching Tommy play, but never really got how to "hit" the moles. When now that he is approaching 15 months, things have changed! He took that whacker and whacked those moles! It's so fun to see them playing together. I know they both enjoy spending time together and it's just fun to see as they both grow the things that they can start doing together...even whacking moles!

Why not use hands too?

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