Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tommy's Birthday Party

This year we held Tommy's birthday party at the carousel in downtown St. Joe. This was such a great idea! We did this on a Sunday afternoon and while the carousel was open to the public, it was not crowded at all. We had our own party room right next to the carousel. We had cake and opened presents and then headed to the carousel for a few rides. For the first ride, they announced Tommy's birthday and played happy birthday while the kids were riding. I packed up my camera at this point and totally forgot to take pictures of them on the carousel, but did snap a few photos during the first part of the party. Tommy and AJ had a wonderful time. AJ has a tendency to always want to keep up with the big kids. It was funny to see him running around the carousel with all the other kids laughing and smiling. It was truly a good time.

The birthday hippo. This used to be downtown with all the zoo animals.
Great way to reuse it!

One more shot of the cake before the deconstruction!

AJ checking out the gifts

All the kids!
We hope you had the most wonderful birthday week, Tommy! We love you.

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