Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was just so much fun in our house. I had a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve, I kept waking up in excitement. I finally got out of bed a bit before six to make monkey bread for everyone. I tried so hard to be quiet, as to not wake anyone, but before I knew it, Tommy was greeting me in the kitchen. After some morning hugs, I instructed him to wake up daddy. We ended up torturing Tommy because AJ, who is usually up with the birds, decided to sleep in on Christmas Day! We did everything to try and occupy him to give AJ just a bit more sleep. But by seven, we had to wake AJ up.

Let the chaos begin! Tommy didn't know what to do with himself, and AJ couldn't stop putting the bows all over himself. I think we were done opening presents before the sun had even risen, but we had a blast. They both loved their new toys. We spent most of the day setting them up and playing with the boys in our pajamas no less, a perfect day.

Mid afternoon, I started preparing our big Christmas dinner. I can't tell you how much I loved being in the kitchen listening to Christmas music and hearing the laughter of the boys. Tommy received a toy story scooter from Santa and I think rode it most of the day in the kitchen because we had way too much ice in front of our house for him to go outside. I didn't mind at all dodging him while I was preparing dinner.

The holidays are exhausting. There is SO MUCH TO DO! But seeing the boys' faces during the holiday is so worth everything. My parents always made the Christmas season so magical for my sister and me, and I just hope I can do the same for my boys.

Waiting for AJ to get up to open presents!

Finally able to start!

Toy Story 3 landfill!

Lotso Huggin Bear


Rex and Lotso!

We obviously don't understand the sit and spin yet.

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