Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve began with Malcolm, our elf that has been with us since Thanksgiving, leaving to go back to the North Pole. However, before he left, he filled our stockings and left the boys a note by the fireplace. He told them they had both made the good list, but that Santa watches all year so they should always listen to Mommy and Daddy. Malcolm left us all sorts of goodies and didn't even forget the dogs. They received bones and new treats! He did, however, play a trick on Mac and Daddy. He put coal in their stockings, but this time it was chocolate coal! We had a fun morning going through our stockings.

We then went down to Mo and Papa's house for the rest of Christmas Eve. Tommy and Papa had been feeding the reindeer in the woods all fall. They needed to have lots of food for their trip on Christmas Eve. So when Tommy and Papa went out on Christmas Eve to feed the reindeer one more time, there were gifts waiting for them! The reindeer wanted to thank Tommy for keeping their tummy's full!

Tommy and my parents kept track of Santa all night on the norad tracker on the computer. Tommy thought this was so cool. He even started to rush us home because he knew he had to be asleep before Santa came to his house. Tommy also instructed Chris to go through a red light because he needed to get home! Christmas Eve was truly magical.

The stockings filled by Malcolm

The note Malcolm left the boys

Tommy looking through his stocking

AJ going through his stocking

Tommy giving Molly her treats

AJ giving Mac his bone

Chocolate coal for Mac and Daddy!

Enjoying their treats!

The presents from the reindeer

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